UNIRAIL® Screed Rails

UNIRAIL® is a cost effective screed rail system produced by precision forming galvanised high-strength steel, that provides excellent imensional tolerances and stability during screeding operations. The system is suitable for internal and external applications.


It is a versatile fast track installation system, which consists of the basic Unirail 40/60 screed rail, for screeds up to 100mm, by adding feet to the 40/60 rail the Unirail 70/120 can be created, allowing the depth of the screed to be adjusted up to 120mm. In addition the 15mm Top Extender can increase the overall slab depth to 135mm. The Top Extender strip can be left in the finished floor or removed and the resultant void filled by flexible joint filler.

System Benefits

  • Prefabricated permanent formwork screed rail which
    enables the easy installation of superflat screeds.
  • Manufactured from galvanised high strength steel,
    suitable for internal and external use.
  • Light, strong and straight, manufactured within
    + or - 1mm/m tolerance.
  • Light, strong and straight, manufactured within
    + or - 1mm/m tolerance.
  • Plastic Top Extender can be fitted to the top edge of
    the rail to provide a smooth non-abrasive running
    face for any screeding mechanism.

UNIRAIL® Applications

  • To allow increases in height, improvement in finish or level tolerances of an existing floor slab.
  • Ideal for use on concrete and composite metal decking floors and slabs.
  • Can be used for the construction of falls to drains.
  • Allows essential services to be run through the floor slab where necessary.
  • Suitable for construction of floor slabs containing underfloor heating or cooling systems.
  • To provide a finish layer to an otherwise unacceptable slab surface. It is also suitable for diamond grinding screeds for polished aggregate finishes.
  • Suitable for the installation of specialised or high abrasion top screeds.

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