CARES Approved Rebar Couplers Introduction:

The Terwa Parallel Threaded Coupler is a full bar strength system (the coupling is stronger than the associated rebar, sometimes referred to as a “Bar Break” connection) allowing a safe, reliable and efficient method of providing continuity of reinforcement through stop ends and element intersections. The adoption of a metric parallel thread on an enlarged bar diameter provides sufficient cross sectional area of material at the joint to outweigh the tensile capabilities of the equivalent diameter reinforcing bar. This attribute means the performance of the coupling at the joint can be ignored in any structural assessment, in turn this makes the adoption of the Terwa couplers over the standard detailed bars a simple exchange. The Terwa Parallel Threaded Coupler System has a full CARES Technical approval, this not only verifies the performance of the system in accordance with BS8110 and EC2 it also provides confidence that the components are manufactured and assembled in a fully audited ISO9001 facility. The female coupler (PSA) is supplied to the customer ready assembled on the reinforcing bar, the length of the bar is generally supplied as a full tension lap length in accordance with EC2, however, where the couplers are being used as a means of removing splicing laps the bars can be manufactured with any available and transportable length of reinforcing bar. There is no requirement for any threading of the   corresponding male bars (TSE) as these are supplied prefabricated with the corresponding metric parallel thread. There are no specialist tools required to complete the connection, this can be carried out using a simple open jawed pipe wrench. Euro Accessories can supply a calibrated wrench to ensure the correct torque settings are achieved.


  • Stop ends.
  • Stair landings.
  • Cantilevered slabs.
  • Vertical connections in columns.
  • Column head connections.
  • Wall intersections.
  • Temporary openings in water retaining structures.
  • Crane voids through slabs.
  • Fixing points for additional steel structures and components.
  • Provides reinforcement connections for future developments that may tie into the existing structure.

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