Comax® Reinforcement Continuity Strip


Euro Accessories are now the UK and Ireland distributor for the COMAX® system. COMAX® is one of Europe’s premier reinforcement continuity systems. With continuous product development over a 25 year period the customer can be confident in using a system that has been incorporated into some of Europe’s most prestigious civil engineering projects. COMAX® has been used to  simplify and accelerate construction in a wide range of construction fields from tunnelling to slip forming in some of Europe’s tallest Structures.
With the intrinsic benefits of the COMAX® casing, it offers ease of access to an infinite range of
special shapes and sizes, not to mention a readily available stock of standard profiles.
You can be sure that COMAX® will offer an engineered solution with no compromise to the original
design brief, whilst offering significant benefits to traditional construction methods.


The advantages in forming structural joints in concrete utilising COMAX® over more traditional methods are manifold. The COMAX® system allows the repeat use of moulds as the need to have starter bars protruding through the form is negated. Where previously the mould would be  damaged on removal, now it is simply oiled and re-used. This in turn leads to a much safer  working environment as the dangerous protruding starter bars are safely housed within the robust COMAX® casing.

Due to the nature of the COMAX® system, it is ideally suited for slip form and jump form  producers. Where bars would previously have had to be drilled and fixed after the formwork had passed, using the COMAX®  system the bars are simply pulled out into position.
This also has safety benefits as there is an overall reduction in the amount of exposure to vibrating machinery.

The simplicity of the COMAX® system and the infinite variety of bar shapes and sizes, means that complex concrete details can be reduced to a small number of basic pours. This in turn allows larger concrete pours to take place and simpler more cost effective formwork to be utilised,   resulting in significant time and monetary savings.

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COMAX Reinforcement Continuity Strip


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