Rapid Safe Pile Cage Connection System


Euro Accessories are distributers for the acclaimed EASY LOK pile cage connection system, developed by reinforcement specialist Kierbeck, in collaboration with steelwork clamps specialist Lindapter. The system enables the safe, quick connection of pile cage sections, eliminating the need for bulldog clamps whilst minimising ‘hand time’ in and around the cage. EASY LOK utilises circumferential steel bands (manufactured by Kierbeck) which are factory welded (by a suitably approved CARES fabricator) to the longitudinal reinforcement at cage intersections. With each cage section positioned and lapped, the steel bands of each section abut one another, and the appropriate number of EASY LOK fixings (manufactured by Kierbeck) then clamp each pair of bands together.  The system has been awarded Technical Approval status by UK CARES.

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