NON-DRILL Rapid Post System


The Non-Drill Rapid Post System utilises the Euro Accessories Pin Anchor lifting system as a ready-made fixing point for fencing, handrails and signposts. The Non-Drill post engages with the head of the Pin Anchor system and is simply rotated until the plate on the Non-Drill post tightens against the concrete surface. There is no drilling, digging or bolting required to install the posts. The Non-Drill system comes in three formats to engage with either the 2.5 tonne, 5.0 tonne or 10 tonne Pin Anchors. The Non-Drill system is suitable for either permanent or temporary applications and can be removed without damaging or marking the concrete.

Patent Pending: PCT/AU2014/050396



The NON-DRILL System is suitable for permanent or temporary use in the following applications:

  • Parapet fencing on earth retaining walls or structures.
  • Parapet fencing on box culvert drainage systems.
  • Fence posts for both chain-link and welded mesh fencing systems.
  • Pedestrian barriers.
  • Sign post placement.
  • Traffic warning signage on permanent and temporary central reservation barriers.
  • Additional fencing on interlocking concrete barrier systems.



Using the Non-Drill Rapid Post System alleviates the need to use percussion drilling equipment to place fixings for fencing and signpost placement. This has several key advantages:

  • There is no risk of damaging or striking the reinforcement steel within the structure.
  • Drilling can potentially cause localised spalling, which in turn can lead to exposure of the reinforcement steel to the atmosphere, leading to accelerated corrosion and either cosmetic or structural damage to the concrete.
  • The risk from hand, eye and ear injury is reduced significantly.
  • Noise and dust pollution are eliminated entirely from the post installation procedure.

As the Pin Anchors are generally placed in the units at production stage the system also provides further advantages when erecting fencing systems and placing signage:

  • The Post placement positions are always in the correct position, reducing the risk of setting out errors when measuring post centres.
  • The quality of the fixing is guaranteed.
  • There is no spoil to remove from site.
  • The placement centres are uniform so fencing components can be cut off site.
  • Minimises the need for plant on site.
  • Ideal for areas where power and access may be an issue.  
  • In temporary applications the system can be removed leaving no trace of any surface damage or fixings, other than the galvanised lifting pin, which can easily be grouted over. 


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