Terwa ALC-AP Headed Alligator Anchor Couplers


The Headed Anchor is designed to provide end anchorage and reduce reinforcement congestion. Utilising the same tapered profile and lock shear bolts as the standard coupler combined

with a large back plate to facilitate load transfer into the surrounding concrete, this method of providing end anchorage reduces the congestion of steel in the anchorage zone over more conventional reinforcement practices. Traditional construction methods generally rely on hooked or L shaped bars for end anchorage, resulting in areas of heavily congested steel, increases in required bond length and larger concrete dimensions to accommodate the minimum bending diameters on heavier bars.


More information about Terwa Reinforcement Couplers can be

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Reinforcement Couplers


Slide the Headed Anchor Alligator Coupler
over the end of the reinforcement steel that
requires the anchorage until it comes to rest,
ensuring the rebar has made full contact with
the back plate. The lock shear bolts should be
tightened by hand to stabilise the coupler.


After confirming that the coupler is correctly
aligned use the impact wrench (see page 13)
to tighten the lock shear bolts, the bolts
should be tightened working from the back
plate working towards the outside edge of the
coupler. When each bolt reaches the correct
torque setting the head of the lock shear bolt
will shear off. Complete this process for all
couplers at the joint.

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